"Jesus Christ" &copy Thomas Hawk

Words & Music - "Sons of Light"

All Songs © 2008/2009 Scott Towaij SOCAN/ASCAP

  • Andrew Horrocks wrote the BRIDGE in My King
  • Joel Williams wrote the lyrics to the BRIDGE in Thy Will Be Done

  • 1. Shine On (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    2. Your Love Reigns (lyrics & Guitar Chords PDF)
    3. One Church (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    4. I Will Praise You (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    5. My King (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    6. Restore Us O Lord (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    7. Thy Will Be Done (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    8. Brothers In The Lord (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    9. You Are The Only One (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    10. Victory In Jesus (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
  • Lyrics written by Eugene Monroe Bartlett Sr, 1939 PUBLIC DOMAIN

  • "Man On Rock" &copy Andrew Tripp

    Words & Music - "Your love has set me free"

    All Songs © 2006 Scott Towaij SOCAN/ASCAP

    1. All Things Bright and Beautiful (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    2. Stand Up for Jesus (lyrics PDF)
    3. Your Love Has Set Me Free (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    4. Lord I Believe (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    5. Jesus: He’s my Savior (O Heavenly word) (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    6. There’s a friend for Little Children (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    7. The Armour of God (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    8. I'm only trying to get closer to You (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    9. Shine Jesus (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    10. Please Bring me Home (lyrics & guitar chords PDF)
    11. If I Could Fly (lyrics PDF)
    12. "They’ll know we are Christians by our Love"
  • by Peter Scholtes &copy 1966 F.E.L. Assigned 1991 to The Lorenz Corporation. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Permission to record granted to Scott Towaij License Number CK# 4012470.
  • New musical arrangement &copy 2006 Scott Towaij and addition of new final verse: "All praise to the Father from whom all things come, all praise to Christ Jesus His only Son and all praise to the Spirit that makes us all one"

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