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The music industry is forever changing and today it is perhaps more unique than ever. The December 17, 2010 Wall Street Journal article entitled "The New Rock-Star Paradigm" has clearly indicated that the entire industry has shifted. Musical Prayers (MP) is an anti-label if you will. We don't pour a pile of money into developing artists we instead look for unique artists who are teachable, willing to grow and who we feel we can help.  We in fact have some artists, who have joined us, that already have great quality CD's out and have had success with radio but have come to us to be part of something that is bigger than any one individual. MP is a collective of artists, committed to praying for each other and creating great music through the King for His people. 

We focus on artists who fit into the two main Christian Contemporary markets we wish to focus on: Adult Contemporary (AC) and Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR). Our goal is to mentor, develop, advise and guide artists so they can have success without going into major debt and becoming so discouraged that they walk away from their God-given gift of music. This select group of artists is reachable, teachable and committed to growing in Christ. Musical Prayers encourages artists to work with 2 Time Covenant Award Producer of the Year Andrew Horrocks as he has a proven track record of success. Radio Tracking, marketing and promotions are handled by Scott Towaij who has had great success with his own music in Canada and the United States. Musical Prayers has the same status as the major record labels in the USA and distributes radio singles to the American Market exclusively through PLAY MPE.  

The unusual thing about MP is that if you are welcomed into the MP family we will help you and we will not require that you sign any contracts nor will we lock you into any deal. Every artist who becomes part of the MP family is required to contribute some of their time, unique skills, their connections and abilities to the collective. We will support you 100% should you wish to get a record deal with one of the Major labels; however, if you want to stay INDIE and have success, we will help take you to the next level! We are called to be "the body of Christ" and we at Musical Prayers want to achieve that unity within the INDIE Christian artist community!  

In Christ, Scott Towaij   

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